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Stand up India

Dicci is playing the vital role in Stand Up India Programme which is launched by Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Start Up India

Dicci is supporting to present new era to start up their new ideas on emerging markets.

Industry Training's

Giving training is a passion nowadays. Dicci was giving a lot of support to the persons who is interested in starting a industry.

Become Job Givers

Dicci helps to all the Dalits those who are interested in Business and want to be job Givers.

Business Conferences

Experience is the first step to success. Dicci members will have a chance to share their experiences in Business Conferences, and for youngers, it is the key to success.

Bank Loans

Dicci was supporting the persons those who would like to start an industry by taking the loan from the Indian Banks.

DICCI Features

Get all the products of DICCI from DICCI SME Portal. Having a chance to sell our individual goods and buying products from SME Portal.
Now DICCI located in almost all the Districts and States across the India and as well as across the World.
If the person is genuinely interested in business and having talent and skills, then they will inevitably become as a Job Givers through DICCI.
Dicci is giving training for emerging people to grow their marketing. It helps entrepreneurs to get great success in their life.
If you want to become as a Job Giver, Dicci will be supporting you. Now Dicci is everywhere across the world to help.

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Why Choose DICCI?


DICCI people are centred on building their markets work, and eliminate any barriers or distractions to their aims.

We need overarching ways and detailing the techniques to accomplish. Fortunate entrepreneurs are disciplined enough to require steps a day toward the action of our objectives

We are confident with the knowledge that we will make our businesses succeed. We exude that confidence in everything we do.

Passion is the most important trait of the successful entrepreneur. We genuinely love our work.

DICCI Persons know that if something needs to done, We should start it ourselves. We set the parameters and make sure that projects follow that path.

Entrepreneurs realise that every event and situation is a business opportunity. Ideas are always generated about workflows and efficiency, and potential new businesses.