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We help you in introducing ourselves as an Engineering & Management Consulting Firm, with diversified experience in O & M (Operations & Maintenance), Projects, Engineering Equipment Installation, Commissioning, Systems Management, and Handling of Projects in India We have a pool of Experienced Auditors associated with all ISO &BS / European Standards

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We help you in professional consulting training and certification company. This is a professional training and consulting organization in the quality and reliability area touching almost all the sectors of the industry may it be manufacturing or service sector.

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Viraj Atre

Master Black Belt | Lean Six Sigma Specialist | Lead Auditor

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50+ International and National Certifications
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Trained over 1,000 professionals worldwide
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Hours of Audit Experience
27 years
We have 27 years of experiences in this field



ISO Certificate by TQV Certification Pvt. Ltd.

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Six Sigma Certificate by ASQ AIAG SIAM

Client's Testimonials

Neeraj Agrawal
Co-Founder of SkillNet Advisors, Co-Founder of Neobric, Marketing Strategist & Management Trainer
Viraj was one of the most energetic and enthusiastic faculty that I met during my engagement with Kohinoor Business School at Khandala. What struck me about Viraj was the urgency and purpose in what he was doing - he always came across as a man on a mission. Very well read and connected, Viraj would be an asset to any educational Institute. He was highly respected both by students and his colleagues at KBS. I would like to wish Viraj success in his future endeavors.
Sudeep Limaye
Asst. Professor at Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning
Prof. Atre is a very knowledgeable and high energy person. His sharp mind is able to analyse situations in a rapid mode. He is a very good operations and supply chain expert.
Deepashri (Joshi) Karandikar
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning
Viraj Atre has a good knowledge of his domain, which he exhibited in his work as Faculty. He has a passion for teaching. He can prove to be a good consultant, however, because his strength lies in envisioning rather than executing plans.
Dr. Vahini Reddy
Prof Viraj Atre is a highly talented in the field of Industrial Engg.Mgmt, Manufacturing Engg, OM,OR,TQM,ISO9K. Viraj's immense knowledge on Ind. Engg & Manufacturing Engg Training's has helped many employees. My best wishes to Viraj for his Successful Future Endeavor.
Hrridaysh Deshpande
Director at ADYPU - DYPDC School of Design
Prof. Viraj Atre is a fine gentleman with a great grasp of education and educational methodologies.
Pavithra Ratnakar
Owner at Digital Vaastu
We are all familiar with the quintessential skill gap evident between technology education and application. Prof.Atre is a rare academician who has walked the extra mile to actually do something about this. I wish him all the success with Career Versity and sure that his persistence and penchant for quality will benefit many.
Kushagra Goel
Finance faculty at NMIMS University
Its great to work with Prof. Viraj. He's extremely good at his work and ensures that u are never sad. He has that aura around him which makes him so special.
Bhushan Datar
Education Sales,Channel Development, Branding for International and Domestic Management Programs
Prof. Viraj Atre is a great TEACHER. It is fantastic to be with him on the professional and personal front. Excellent Trainer in Manufacturing, Telecom and Operations Research, Prof. Viraj is adding tremendous value to our organization in terms of Course Design and Content. All in all great to work with you Sir.
Swapneel D Tembhurne
Founder - OIL - Sales & Marketing Expert, Co-Founder - AarieSan Labs - Market Research
A very Energetic personality with always a "Lets do it attitude".
Prakash Deshpande
Ph.D. Guide at Symbiosis International University
Prof. Viraj Atre has a very versatile educational and experience background in Engineering and Management. His practical experience in both the fields and ability to connect with the audiance both in a seminar and individual discussions is commendable. He is lively, open minded and and ardent learner which makes him fit for any position in competitive environment, when he is given functional freedom.
Ajay Mandhare
Senior Manager- IT Data Centre Operations at VMware
Viraj is very self motivated and dynamic person. He always looks for new area to work for and welcome changes in his profession. I find him very good resource for any organisation to have. I wish him all the success for his assigment at careerversity.
Cdr Pankaj Pandey, Retd.
Head Hunter & Resume Tuning Consultant
Professor Viraj has diversified experience in Education, Engineering projects and in Telecom Operations. A highly qualified academician. He has done his PhD in Operations management, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, BE in Industrial Engineering, MMS, PGDBM from Pune University & also from Welingkars. An excellent person to talk to. Just great!!!
Laxman Mahale
Factory Manager - 2 plants at Mahindra steel &Group incharge BE, TPM; (Passionate for Lean/ Six Sigma/OE/BE/TPM/Projects
Viraj atre is a dynamic personality who have passion for teaching.He is devoted personality for this profession ;Having command over his favorite subjects like operations management & many more;he is renowned & students preferred professor in pune circle.
Mangesh Gulgule
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
I fully endorse Prof Atre. He is a thorough professional and carries immense knowledge in the field of Project Management esp. Telecom.
Milind Pangaonkar
Human Resource Business Partner at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology
I have found him very focused person since we met first time an year back.Extremely hard working and talented technocrat with good knowledge base . A deadly combination of talent and business acumen, Viraj is the best asset an organization can have.

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